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How to give your romantic evening a sensual touch

Escape the daily grind with a touch of romance. Surprise your lover with a romantic evening (or let your lover surprise you!). And sexy lingerie is, of course, an essential ingredient. Spice things up and give your evening a sensual touch. Here’s how.

Cook a meal together
Start the evening with a delicious meal. Surprise your partner, or cook the meal together and then relish your creations together. Or, if you’d rather skip that part, you can have your favourite meal delivered to your door. It’s quick and easy when you’re not a real fan of cooking, and yet it’s still romantic. It’s win-win.

All the trimmings
The lights have been dimmed, candles lit, music is playing – all small details, and yet very important. They add that extra touch of sensuality that is the essence of a romantic evening. Room spray will also add to the ambience; select a warm fragrance and you can truly say that romance is in the air.

Drinks & nibbles
Drinks and nibbles are another essential aspect of a romantic evening. Share homemade tapas or other tasty bites that both of you love. Add a glass of fine wine and the atmosphere is complete.

Romantic film
The atmosphere is set, the snacks are delicious – now it’s time to settle in to watch a romantic film with your lover. Hmmm – ultimate enjoyment, especially when you bring out that tub of ice cream and, together, eat it down to the last spoonful.

Is there a man (or woman) on this planet who does not love a good massage? A natural, aromatic massage oil makes it easier, and all the more enjoyable for both. Gently roll your thumbs between the shoulder blades to relax the back, and don’t forget to massage the neck too. Tip: the ear lobe is very sensitive, so be sure to take advantage of this. And now it’s your turn of course.

Are you now completely ready for your romantic evening? You can add an extra sensual touch with sexy lingerie. And if you really like that extra challenge and feel nothing is out of bounds, you may want to take a look at our Private collection.