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This is how to protect and care for your hair in summer

We’ve known for ages that we should protect our skin from the sun. But hours of exposure to the fierce sun doesn’t make your hair very happy either. To avoid returning from a wonderful holiday with a head of straw, here are some handy tricks for protecting and caring for your hair as good as possible. From now on, you can be prepared for everything and parade in your new bikini without a care.

Protect & prevent
Did you know that there are hair products containing UV protection? These products ensure that your hair does not dry out and they also protect colour. We are total fans of a leave-in spray that won’t weigh your hair down and also add a little shine. Win-win!

Whenever possible, we recommend you to delay your hair appointment until after your holiday. The sun’s rays cause fading or even a change of hair colour.

Rinsing with tap water
Try to limit your hair coming in contact with sea water or chlorine as much as possible. These dry out your hair and even cause bleached hair to fall out (nooooo!). Style your hair in a bun and apply leave-in conditioner before you go swimming. This closes your hair scales so that salt and chlorine are not well absorbed by your hair.

But you still want to dive in? Then it’s best to first wet your hair with tap water so that salt and chlorine have less chance to get in. And rinse your hair thoroughly with tap water after swimming.

Take care
After washing, apply a nourishing mask for extra hydration and to regain a beautiful softness and shine. Do you suffer from dry hair? Then keep the mask on all night – you’ll be amazed by the result!

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