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Want to know how to prepare for a date night? Find the best tips here.

Whether it’s a first date or your first anniversary, a date night is always sure to be exciting! It’s an evening where you do something special, like have a nice dinner out, or go to the cinema, and it often requires a bit more preparation than that for a normal evening (and maybe a new lingerie set 😉 too). Follow these tips and it’s sure to turn out great.

Choose a good location
Well begun is half done. Make sure that during your date there are no unpleasant surprises or uncomfortable situations; so, first and foremost, carefully consider where to have your date. Having a first date at a cinema is not ideal: you can’t (or shouldn’t) have a conversation there. Going out for a nice meal, or simply watching the sun set together—those are good options for this occasion.

Relax before the night gets started
If you are nervous before your date, it’s a good idea to take some time to relax in advance. Watch a segment of your favourite series in your pyjamas, read a chapter of your book, or play your favourite music while putting on makeup. Choose a perfume that puts you in the right mood for the evening, and take time to select the perfect ensemble.

Choose the perfect outfit
If you will be doing something active, you want to make sure your dress does not slow you down. Make sure the clothing ensemble you choose is right for the date. If your reservation is for a restaurant on the classy side, wear a nice dress and pair this with your fav heels. But if you are planning a meal at a gastro pub, you can certainly get away with a more casual look. A good idea is to take a look at the atmosphere at your date location in advance online. Of course, whichever outfit you select, under this you will want to wear your most appealing intimates from the Desert Rose collection—like a body or a lingerie set—to give your confidence that extra boost.

Be yourself
Of course, the most important thing during a date night is to be yourself. If your crush does not turn out to be exactly who you expected, it’s not up to you to change yourself to suit that person. Finish the date, be true to yourself, and do your best to enjoy the night all the same. But also, give your date the chance to relax and show their true colours: your crush might also be super nervous about this date too.

Above all, simply enjoy this fun night out. It’s a great opportunity to have a deep conversation with your lover, or to get to know your crush better. At any rate, with these tips you can leave all your date-night cares behind. So, to sum up: choose the right location, select the perfect set from our Desert Rose Collection, wear your most flattering outfit, and have fun!