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#bikiniproof: painless hair removal – this is how it’s done

The struggle every girl recognises during the summer months: hair removal. Stubble, ingrown hairs, red bumps and irritated skin are the result of (excessive) hair removal. And when you go on holiday and you want to walk around in your bikini all day long, you may have no choice but to do so more often. But what are the best tips to prevent irritation, and which methods allow you to remove hair painlessly? You can read all about it right here.

Painless hair removal
There are many different ways of getting rid of unwanted hair. The most common ways are shaving, resin, waxing and laser-removal. Not all methods are painless or affordable, so we have chosen three ways that will help you in getting rid of your unwanted hair in no time, painless (and affordable).

Shaving is the best way to get rid of your hair, super fast and painless too. This is therefore the method used (almost) daily and it is suitable for your entire body. But sometimes you may end up having problems with red bumps and ingrown hairs during shaving (especially along your bikini line). How can you prevent this as much as possible? Use a clean and sharp blade (preferably not a disposable blade), and use it just for your intimate zone. Go for at least 3 blades and built-in shaving gel pads for extra comfort. Make sure you rinse the area well, pat dry and moisturise. If you really have sensitive skin that quickly shows irritation after shaving, make sure you shave at night so you can let your skin breathe. You can also choose cotton underwear.

Another painless method that you should preferably only use for legs and underarms is hair removal cream. This chemical product dissolves the hairs in a few minutes, so you can easily wipe it off with a spatula. Following this, you have to clean your skin in the shower to avoid unnecessary irritations. Quick and simple! The big drawback: many hair removal creams are quite strong smelling.

A third way which is less painless than using resin or waxing, is ‘Sugar Wax‘. This hair removal method is not completely painless, but we want to explain it anyway because it really is a revelation to many. DIY Sugar Wax consists of only a few ingredients and is free of chemicals (great!). You can use it for your legs, underarms, bikini line, eyebrows and your upper lip.

Ingredients: 2 cups of sugar, 3 tablespoons lemon juice (45 ml) and 3 tablespoons water (45 ml)
Requirements: saucepan, spatula to stir, glass jar to store remainder of the resin

This is how it’s done
1. Heat the ingredients in the saucepan on medium heat and wait until the sugar is resolved
2. When the mixture has reached a nice golden brown colour, remove the saucepan from the heat. Please note – this mixture is HOT!
3. Allow the mixture to cool and pour it in your glass storage jar

This is how you use it
1. If you want to use the resin, it must be flexible. If it is not flexible enough at room temperature, you can warm it up a bit.
2. The area you want to wax should be properly clean and dry.
3. Make a little ball (4 cm diameter) and spread it over your skin, against the direction of your hair’s growth.
4. Pull off the Sugar Wax – in the direction of growth.
5. With this small amount of resin, you can remove quite a bit of hair. Thus, you have a lot in stock and you can get quite far with it. Pretty clever, right?

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