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Bon voyage – packing like a pro

Going away for a long weekend, and you can only take hand baggage? This often causes a lot of stress, because how are you ever going to fit all your outfits and favourite bikinis in a single small trolley or bag? Nothing is impossible, and you’ll be amazed how much you can take with you if you’re smart. You’ll find the best tips right here, so after reading this article you’ll know how to pack like a pro. Bon voyage!

The basics
It all starts with a good suitcase or overnight bag. Still looking for a nice one, or is your favourite old suitcase desperately in need of replacement? This fun pink leopard print suitcase is perfect for hand luggage! It has a TSA lock for added security, nice! Size: 31.5 x 22.5 x 58 cm

Mix & match
The real deal. Since you’re somewhat limited in bringing outfits, it is important to carefully consider your holiday planning and what kind of outfits you can take with you. For a weekend getaway where you will be spending time lazing on the beach, visiting hotspots or getting into some action, and eating out at a fancy restaurant, we suggest the following:

Travelling outfit
Choose a layered outfit so you’re covered when the weather becomes a bit chilly on holiday. So, comfy trousers and your favourite chunky trainers therefore need not be packed in your suitcase (great!).

Beach outfit
You should preferably take 2 or 3 bikinis, so you can mix & match. A triangle top takes up less space than an underwire bikini – so think smart. An oversized linen blouse is ideal as a cover up, and you can also combine it with jeans shorts when having lunch on the beach.

Action outfit
Going hiking / visiting an antiques market / or something else in which you will be working up a sweat? Comfy and airy are the perfect combination. Sports leggings or shorts can best be combined with an oversized t-shirt and your favourite trainers.

Fancy outfit
You can easily fit a pair of strappy-heeled sandals in your suitcase – and it will add that little bit extra to every outfit. You can wear a lovely see-through top with a lace bralette over your trousers. Or how about a brightly coloured summer dress? We love it!

Take at least 1 nude lingerie set, and a black lace bralette – then you’re basically always safe. And don’t forget to pop in some seamless strings, you can wear them under anything, anywhere!

Keep rolling
That’s the real trick to ensure you will fit all the above outfits in your suitcase. Layer all the shirts, fold in the sleeves and start rolling from top to bottom. You do the same with your trousers and dresses. You go girl! If you want to bring more bras, stack them inside each other and place your strings inside the bra cup.

Clever hiding
Shoes are hiding places! Roll up your socks in a sandwich bag, and place them in your shoes.

Think small
It’s not necessary to take along all your hair products, cleaning products and full make-up stash for those few days. Buy a mini version of the products you absolutely cannot do without, or use some of those transparent mini bottles which you can fill with small amounts. Pack a good day cream with SPF (very important!) and you can also use a coloured lip balm as a blush or when you want to add a beautiful glow to your eyelids. If there is no hair dryer at you destination, it is best to take a hair dryer brush – drying & styling in one! Suntan lotion and razors can be bought on location – saving some space;)