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New Year’s resolutions: What are you going to do differently in 2019?

Yes: 2019! A brand new year for lots of memories, challenges and goals that you can definitely rock with your resolutions! Already made a list of New Year’s resolutions? Not yet? We’ve compiled a list of our favourites to inspire you. Go, go, go!

Get fit or stay fit
Do you struggle to stick to your get fit goals? New Year’s resolutions are often very general which makes them difficult to stick to. Be more specific, for example: in 2019, I want to exercise at least twice a week. Or: try at least 3 different sports with your BFFF (best fit friend forever). Of course you mustn’t forget a new sports outfit! Check out the latest DK1985 by Doutzen sports collection and score your fave outfit.

The best things come in small packages
Not ready for drastic changes? Begin with smaller goals. This way, you are still working towards your bigger goal but it will take more time. Never mind! Small steps will get the same results. Do you want to eat healthier? Then choose to eat healthier for a couple of days a week and plan cheat days. Our tip: together = more fun and easier!

Me-time, also in 2019
Mental health is so important! You deserve moments to yourself every now and then, so make sure that you plan them in. What about shopping, good food, a nice warm bath or a film marathon? You should think about yourself more and if you don’t want to do things alone, ask your friends to join you. Enjoy to the max!

More savings = more trips
This year, think about what you want and what you need so you can put some money aside for a fabulous (long) trip. Cook at home as much as possible, have a ‘no-buy month’ and sell things that you no longer need. Be well prepared when you go on holiday and since you worked hard to save money, treat yourself to a new bikini!