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How naughty are you? Take our quiz and find out!

Romantic, exploring the boundaries, or really naughty? If you are curious about how naughty (or nice) you really are, take our quiz and, who knows, you may find that our Private Collection is unreservedly your style. Dare to explore.

What is your favourite lingerie?
A) A romantic lingerie set in pastel or neutral colours
B) Classy black lingerie in luxurious materials like satin and lace
C) Exciting red lingerie

What is your perfect evening?
A) Cuddling up on the sofa in candlelight to watch a romantic film while enjoying chocolates. And later, surprising your lover by donning a romantic pink two-piece set of lingerie featuring plenty of lace.
B) You love romantic, but shun the boring and mundane. You won’t say no to a romantic dinner out though. And then, on the spur of the moment, booking a hotel room for an exciting finale to the evening? Go girl!
C) You prefer to skip all that romantic stuff and get right to the point. The naughty you makes its entrance in that sexy two-piece set of red lingerie. Now just bring out all the toys and you’re ready to go.

You see the man of your dreams. What’s the first thing you think or do?
A) Too shy to ask; wait and see if he makes the first move
B) You go up to him and ask if he would like to go for a drink; the rest is up to him.
C) This is the man of my wildest dreams: my place or yours?

What is your favourite game?
A) Who am I?
B) Never have I ever
C) Go Fish

Which dessert can you never get enough of?
A) Homemade apple pie, with chocolate milk
B) Chocolate fondue ending up in a playful food fight
C) Sharing is caring

How naughty are you?
To find out, tally up your points for each letter.

Mainly ARomantic and sweet
You are a traditional girl who is crazy about romance. You prefer to leave the initiative to your lover, and you love to be surprised. Your sweetness also makes it a little exciting.

Mainly B – Romantic, exploring the boundaries
You love romance, but you also like to explore the boundaries. Spontaneity is important in your relationship and that provides a nice balance between romantic and naughty.

Mainly C – Go all the way; nothing’s out of bounds for you
Experimenting is what you’re all about, and nothing’s out of bounds. You are never afraid to take the initiative. You naughty girl 😉