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This has got to be the best holiday packing list

Have you booked your holiday yet? Yes, lucky you! And now the countdown may start… While you are counting down, you might as well use the time to prepare a holiday packing list. In many countries, you can easily pick up a tube of toothpaste or shaving gel, but it’s so much better having your own breezy pyjamas on hand. You’ll find the ideal holiday packing list here, so you will never forget anything again!

Preparation is key!
Before you go on holiday you often need to finalise some things in advance, like charging all your gear you want to take along. Think of your phone, camera, laptop and power bank. There is nothing more annoying than a dead phone when you’ve just arrived in the country of your destination …

Hand luggage
After your (long) flight, you arrived at your destination, but sadly, your suitcase has gone astray… It doesn’t often happen, but it is best to keep this in mind and to keep the most important items on hand in your hand luggage. Did you know we sell a pink leopard print hand luggage suitcase?

Stuff you can carry in your hand luggage:
– Passport
– Phone + charger + power bank
– Purse with debit card/credit card
– Insurance card/documents
– Deodorant
– Ear plugs
– Blackout mask
– Keys
– Travel documents (hotel, flight, visa)
– Laptop + charger
– Camera + charger + memory card
– Headphones
– Sunglasses
– Lip balm
– International plug
– Warm socks to wear on the plane
– Book/magazines
– 1 outfit or at least 1 lingerie set.

You obviously take all your clothing and toiletries along in your suitcase. Make sure you always place your products that may leak, like shampoo, conditioner or facial cleanser, in a plastic bag. It’s also a good idea to take a lingerie mesh bag for your dirty underwear, and a laundry bag for your other dirty clothing.

Things you can take with you in your suitcase:


– Lingerie (remember at least 1 strapless bra/skin coloured lingerie set)
Bikinis/bathing suit
– Clothing
– Hand bag
– Breezy pyjamas
– Sportswear
– Bath towel
– Cardigan
– Shoes
– Hat

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– Toothbrush + toothpaste
– Razor + shaving cream
– Shampoo + conditioner
– Make-up remover + cotton wool
– Face cream, body lotion, sunscreen, aftersun
– The pill/ sanitary pads/ tampons
– Deodorant
– Hairspray
– Hair dryer/straightener/curling iron
– Brush
– Dry shampoo
– Rubber bands
– Perfume
– Nail file, scissors, nail polish

Makeup bag
– Mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner
– Foundation (or BB cream), powder, blush, highlighter, concealer
– Brushes
– Cotton buds
– Lip gloss, lipstick
– Mirror

We hope this helped you in putting together your packing list. Make sure you have your list ready well in advance, so you can gradually collect all the things. It will save you a lot of stress in the hectic days just before your holiday! And, above all… have fun!