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This is how you get the best fake tan ever

Unfortunately, you don’t get that perfect summer complexion after just 1 day of tanning in the sun. Fortunately, there is a self-tanner, so you can confidently show off that fabulous summer dress. Also great when going on holiday, and you don’t need to keep track of which bikini (colour) you are wearing. Read here how best to apply self-tanner. With these tips, you will get the best fake tan ever!

The perfect match
Do you have light skin? Then you should best go for a self-tanner suitable for light skin. Ideally, you should build up your fake tan in layers, so you can work towards the desired results. When you use a very dark self-tanner all of a sudden, it may look very unnatural and you obviously would like to avoid this;).

Plan your fake-tan-date in your diary
Yes, really, you want to do this right, and then you’re not ready in 30 minutes. Make sure you have an evening free, so you can go through all the steps so you can create a beautiful summer complexion. A self-tanner often needs to be absorbed between 1 hour – 6 hours. This obviously depends on how ‘intense’ you want the result to be. Avoid contact with water or sweating during this period (read: you really wouldn’t like a striped or patchy effect), so you should rather use the time to relax. Make sure you have a dark coloured old bathrobe or baggy lounge set you can wear, so you don’t leave stains on your couch/bed. 

This is how you fake your summer tan
Step 1: Make sure your skin is completely clean to create an even, streak-free summer complexion. It’s best to apply the self-tanner after a shower, and make sure you scrub all the rougher parts like your elbows and knees well. And don’t forget to clean and exfoliate your face properly too.

Step 2: Use a special glove that will ensure you can apply the self-tanner evenly and thus avoid stripes. Apply the self-tanner generously over your entire body and use sparingly on your face, elbows and knees. These parts can absorb more of the self-tanner, so you would obviously like to avoid those parts becoming more tanned than the rest. Don’t forget to include the top of your hands (and also between your fingers) and feet. If you still want to do your nails, this is the perfect time as you have the time to allow everything to dry. Win-win!

Step 3: When you first apply self-tanner, you can wash it off after an hour to inspect the result. Should this prove to be too light, you can apply the product again and allow it to be absorbed. Thus you can experiment, and you will know how long it should absorb to provide the required result.

Self tanning products are available in different forms: sprays, foam, wipes and creams. An alternative is self-tanning body lotion. You simply apply it after a shower and your skin is moisturised at the same time. Do allow it to be absorbed though, to avoid stains on clothes.

Safe tanning
A major advantage of self tanning products is safety. In no time, you will have the same effect as a few days of sunbathing, which is obviously far more harmful to your skin. Just don’t forget to still apply a high factor sunscreen when you expose yourself to the sun.

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