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SUMMER is calling! Follow these tips to become bikini proof

SUMMER is calling! Summer is slowly getting closer, so everyone could use some tips about how to make their ‘body bikini’ proof! Everyone wants to slip into summer, right? Just a couple of simple changes or additions to your lifestyle make it super-easy! If you want to be completely beach-ready for summer, put these tips on your daily to-do list!

Sleeping beauty
Try to sleep at least 8 hours every night. Sleep is good for your body & mond, and your body needs time to recuperate. It doesn’t sound too hard either, does it? Sure, it can sometimes be hard to go to bed early if you’ve still got a lot to do. You should still try to stop – most of the time, it can wait another night, right? Put your phone away an hour before you go to sleep, to give yourself a break and fall asleep in a more relaxed way.

Go on a date with your friends or partner. Go outside when the weather is nice and go rollerskating with your bestie! Or go for a walk or a jog on the beach. This way you’re still moving, which is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Have you discovered our new sport collection yet? After all, you definitely need a comfy outfit while you work out!

Try to reduce the amount of soft drinks or other sugary drinks, and go for water instead. Try adding some fresh fruit to your water – it looks great, and it’s delicious too! Or go for green tea – this helps remove waste substances from your body. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water every day. Tip: take a bottle of water with you when you go out, so you can have a drink whenever you want to. Drink a glass of water every morning when you wake up, too. After sleeping all night, it’s important to hydrate your body!

Shop till you drop
Everyone loves shopping – use it as a workout! Try shopping online less and go out shopping with your friends instead. It’s better to try a new bikini on in the shop, so you can ask for advice if you need it. Of course, after all that hard work you’ll want your bikini to fit perfectly so you can stand out on the beach!

Move that ass!
Try to move more! It can be easy. Try getting on your bike more often rather than driving or taking public transport. Or try taking a stroll after work now and again. Try to avoid the lift and take the stairs instead. Adding these little changes to your lifestyle means you’ll be moving more without having to go to the gym!

Are you going to add these daily tips to your lifestyle? Take small steps to begin with rather than doing everything at once – but keep adding things! This makes everything a little easier. Good luck!