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Be your most beautiful self

The Christmas lights are down, the new year has officially begun and you can once again paper the walls of your bedroom with lists of new year resolutions. 2017 has arrived. With the new year also comes the motivation to adopt a healthier lifestyle and the media’s scramble to cater to that desire.Now, immediately after the festive season, magazines emphasise that it’s time to change course. But does outward beauty alone really make you happy?

On a wild morning just after new year, I find myself in front of the magazine racks of my local supermarket. I don’t read many magazines, since I get enough from my daily dose of blogs, but every now and then I like to crawl into bed with a magazine and enjoy a mug of steaming hot cocoa. I read living and travel magazines for inspiration, but often I do no more than leaf through them in the supermarket. And then I come to a disturbing conclusion:

Be your most beautiful self

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Magazines tell you you are not good enough. That you should lose weight, that you really would be much happier if you changed your life around, followed some or other crash diet or opened an avocado orchard. I’ll let you into a secret: they’re lying.Whether you were born with an athletic build or a voluptuous body, there will always be something you feel insecure about. So to the question of whether outward beauty really makes you happy I have but one answer: be the best version of yourself.

It seems so simple and maybe even a bit clichéd, but it is so incredibly important to feel comfortable in your skin, maybe even more so mentally than physically. To regard blemishes and scars as part of yourself, as a visible result of what you have experienced and been through. Do you have children? If so, there is a high probability that childbirth has left its marks on your body. And that’s OK. Cellulite and stretch marks are real, and anyone who tells you otherwise is simply a liar.

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My resolution for 2017? To be the best version of myself, even when I don’t feel it. To drag myself out of bed, get dressed and realise that I can count myself lucky that my body is healthy, is functioning properly and is not perfect. My body is good. I cry, I laugh, I live and it shows. Do I fulfil the ideal of beauty? Maybe not. I’m no size 34, but that’s OK. Whether you’re size 34 or 44, your body is yours and is just right as it is.

Fleur Joesten
Hunkemöller Ambassador