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Back to business: tips on surviving this transitional period

We know… We know! It went too fast, one minute you’re by the beach or enjoying the summer weather in de city or perhaps even by countryside and suddenly it’s time to get back to business. Fortunately, we all know that time passes fast these days aka summer 2020 we’re coming for you! (how crazy does 2020 sound by the way?!) But until then we need to prepare ourselves for the colder seasons while also (slowly) getting back to business. Whether it’s back to school or work here are some tips on surviving this transitional period.

New routines!
Having a good night and morning routine will help you while moving into the colder seasons and helping you start your days energized. There is a big difference mentally starting and ending your days while the sun is out opposed to maybe a grey, rainy sky or when it’s still dark outside. Here are some tips: Start with listening to your favorite playlist/podcast and stay in bed a few extra minutes and eat your favorite breakfast so you’ll be energized (pro tip: take extra vitamin D and B). Before you go on your way leave smelling heavenly with our amazing perfumes then you’ll be ready to face the day!🌞 For your night routine: take some time to do your skin/hair routine it creates that necessary self-care moment in your day and try to end your day with some reading (preferably not on your phone #BluelightIsBad). Perfect reading-wear is our soft loungewear for ultimate comfort. ❤

Don’t stop moving.
During summer we’re outside walking but when it gets colder we stop doing that, staying inside more causing your body to not be moving as much. Try finding hobbies that involve moving more, this can be done inside 😉. If you keep your body healthy and energized your chance of surviving the weather change enlarges. Tips: group classes at your closest gym (emphasis on closest), weekly cultural trips (museums equal walking around) or pet sitting (walking: not so great but walking with a dog: very great). Luckily our HKMX collection has outfits for all these activities.

Keep your calm.
One of the reasons we take a (summer) holiday is to relax so when you get back try to keep that calmness you gained on your holiday and hang on to it. Don’t try to get back to work/school and burry yourself in work trying to get everything done as fast as possible. If you can make priorities, what needs to be done now and what can wait? Space out your days better with maybe one or two important things per day to work through your list and keep the rest of the day lighter, slower paced and less stressful. 👼🏼

We hope that with these steps your transitional period gets somewhat easier. Try to remember that Halloween, Christmas and New Years are just around the corner after getting through this, 2020 is almost here! Too optimistic…? Anyhow you’ve been through this before and like all other times you will survive it this time too, don’t worry too much and stay on the self-love and self-care path! What are some tips that you have for others this transitional period? 😊