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What type of skin do you have and what is the best skin care for you?

Our skin is super important to us and needs taking care of.Especially in the autumn/winter (read: dry air, central heating).But do you know what your skin needs? In order to know this you first need to identify your skin type.Are you ready?

1. Dry skin
Do you continue using day creams, night creams and serums in the winter? And does your face still feel tight? Then you have dry skin. Try to use less water on your face and cleanse your face regularly (avoid soap). Use a lovely oil and rich cream (take the time to massage it in properly) and you will see quick results! A nourishing mask will also work wonders!

2. Normal skin
If you have ‘normal skin’ you can do a happy dance! This is the easiest skin type and doesn’t need much care. Do you have this skin type? Good for you girl! Use a day and night cream (with a factor!) to maintain your skin and spoil yourself with an exfoliator and face mask.

3. Combination skin
Combination skin means there are both dry and oily zones. Your forehead, nose and chin are often oilier than your cheeks and the skin around your eyes often feel drier. For the best and quickest results, use the right products for the different parts of your face. You should use a rich cream for the dry parts and cleanse the oily parts regularly. Control it!

4. Oily skin
Thick, greasy, shiny skin? These are all typical characteristics of your skin. Cleanse your skin regularly so that your pores are not blocked and your skin will feel nice and clean! One advantage of this skin type: you won’t get wrinkles as quickly. Use oil-free products to reduce shine. Take vitamin B2 and drink lots of water to get rid of toxins.

5. Sensitive skin
This type of skin is very thin and gets irritated quickly. Bumps, redness, blisters or visible veins? You can avoid these by using fragrance free products. Be gentle with your skin and don’t wash with a flannel – dab it with a cotton pad. Use products with SPF 15 to prevent sun damage.

Do you know what skin type you have? And did you find the right products? Choose a fancy wash or make-up bag so you don’t lose your face care products.