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How to treat summer skin problems

Summer is all about having fun. But the skin problems many have to deal with in summer, can sometimes spoil the fun. Chafing thighs, skin irritation caused by the sun, mosquito bites, blisters and shaving rash, we all had to deal with it at some stage. Girl, we’ve got you covered! You can read how to treat summer skin problems right here.

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Chafing thighs
Chafing thighs can become a problem, especially during the hot summer months. Inner thighs rubbing against each other while walking may lead to an annoying rash or abrasions. Now, you no longer need to worry about that, because when wearing lace thigh bands, you prevent chafing of your inner thighs. The silicone edge on the inside keeps them perfectly in place. Not just super useful, but also oh so sexy!

When trying out those cute strappy sandals or new pumps at summer temperatures when your feet are more swollen, chances are you will end up with blisters. Heat and moisture are to blame. When you have really hot feet, it is advisable to wash your feet with cold water (no soap), then dry them well and apply talcum powder. You should also walk in your new shoes properly.

However, if you do end up with a blister, never pierce it. This is to limit the chance of an infection. Buy blister plasters which will reduce pressure on the blisters and aids in the recovery process.

Skin irritation caused by the sun
Are you suffering from rashes in summer? This is more often caused by the heat than by solar radiation. Make sure you don’t scratch when it itches, this can lead to inflammation/scars. You should rather look for some cool shade and avoid strenuous exercise. It’s also best to keep your skin clean and dry, and wash with a mild soap.

Mosquito bites
Itching, sleepless nights and bumps. Very annoying, and you suffer from it every summer. Is there anything you can do about the terrible itching? You usually have these remedies on hand already:
1. You can reduce the swelling with ice cubes, so the itching will subside. Are you covered from top to toes? A cold shower will sometimes also help.
2. Aloe vera is the perfect (wonder) product that cools and helps to reduce the itching
3. Mosquito bites can be dried out using toothpaste. Just make sure you wash it off well with cold water and soap.
4. The acids in natural lemon or lime juice also take the itching away. Don’t go in the sun though, because these acids will dry out your skin.
5. Wet the skin around the bump and scrub with some coarse salt. Then rinse thoroughly.

Razor rash
An old or blunt razor blade is often the cause of razor rash and skin irritation.  Invest in a good razor especially for women that has at least 3 blades and built-in shaving gel pads for extra comfort. But be sure to shave properly in the direction of hair growth, rinse thoroughly, pat dry and moisturise. If you really have sensitive skin that quickly shows irritation after shaving, make sure you shave at night so you can let your skin breathe. We also suggest wearing soft cotton underwear to prevent the occurrence of any irritation.