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HIIT workout: ready for the beach in no time

With this HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) you are ready to shine on the beach in your brand new bikini in no time! Find some exercises here that you can easily do at home or in the gym. Together = much more fun! Tag your best buddy under this blog or share this article via WhatsApp! Are you ready? Shop now for your new HKMX gym outfit.


Warming up
The warming up should definitely not be forgotten, because it is very important in preventing injuries! As warm up, you can do some cycling, rope skipping or air squats for a few minutes, or grab your yoga mat and do some detailed stretching.

Ready – set – go
Now, let’s really begin! Are you ready? With this workout, you do 5 rounds of any exercise we list every time, without any break. Don’t forget to drink water in between!

For the first exercise, you do 20 lunges per leg. If this is not challenging enough, you can maybe also weigh things down with a plate or kettlebell. Try to keep your back straight and let your shoulders hang.

Jumping knee raises
This exercise is excellent for your abs, as well as your buttocks and legs (and we like that, of course!). Tighten your stomach muscles and try to jump up with as much force as possible. You do this series 30 x per leg.

Russian kettle bell swing
With this exercise, you stand with your legs apart and lift the kettlebell from a dead lift. Whisk it up between your legs (approximately to eye level). Use the thrust from your legs and buttocks to move the kettlebell up. Make sure your back stays nice and straight. Do this exercise 20x.

Battle rope workout
Yesss, girl! We arrived at the last exercise! Grab the battle rope at the two ends and slightly bend your knees (keep your back straight). Bring the rope in motion by moving your arms up and down alternatively. This exercise is more difficult than you think! Try to keep it up for 1 minute, and keep up the frenzy until the last second.

One round is over! Repeat these exercises 5x without a break. Good luck!!

Cooling down
Cooling down is incredibly important, it prevents injuries or extra muscle pain. As cooling down, you can walk or cycle a bit, but you can also do various stretch exercises.

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