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Workout to do at home: full body strengthening workout

A new week has begun, and that means: new motivation. In her second home workout video, Kasia Rain shows you how you can make your body stronger. The best thing about this workout is that you can easily do it at home. Put on your best sports outfit, make some space and get started! No more excuses!

What’s so great about working out at home

1. is all the savings you make.
For a start, you save a lot of money, because there are no gym membership costs when you work out at home. You can buy a few pieces of equipment if you like, but that just adds to the fun. Apart from that, you also save a lot of time. Because when you’re working out at home, you can do other things at the same time. You can watch your favourite series or put your meal in the oven in between exercises. You also save time because you don’t have to drive to the gym first (win-win-win!).

2. It doesn’t get too busy at home.
Don’t you hate it when you have to wait until a piece of equipment is free to use? When you’re working out, you want to keep going. At home, you avoid annoying waiting times and you stay in workout mode.

3. You think about your workout more.
In order to create a good workout at home, you have to engage in the science of sport. You need to find suitable exercises that help you achieve your targets. The more you think about sport, the more motivation you have to continue. Make your own workout schedule and you’ll be totally ready to go!

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