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Interview with personal trainer Charlotte about Doutzen’s workout regime

During the Doutzen’s Sports Stories press event, personal trainer Charlotte organised a workout based on Doutzen’s favourite exercises, such as skipping and boxing.We talked to her about Doutzen’s sport regime, motivation tips and to do during your holidays.

1. Which elements from Doutzen’s sport regime did you integrate into your workout during the press event?
Doutzen is a real power woman. Boxing, weights, skipping and cycling are all part of her sport regime. These exercises are difficult to do in a larger group so that is why I chose similar exercises, such as jumping jacks instead of skipping and boxing movements during squats and air cycling 🙂

2. How long do you have to train for to achieve the max?

That all depends on your goal. Do you want to maintain your weight and do you eat healthily? Then you can work out for 15 minutes a day and get great results.People who want to lose weight have to work out for at least an hour.

3. According to you, what is a good workout?
A good workout is a personalised one – the more you enjoy an activity, the longer you will keep it up. You can even have a great workout while walking. Walking is a low intensity activity but if you do it for long enough (> 2 hours), you will get a good workout.

If you are like Doutzen and like boxing, which is often a high intensity activity, then a short workout is often enough. A bad workout is one that is low intensity and is short. It is best to combine both types of workout.

It is important for beginners to start with core stability exercises before you move on to strength training and explosiveness. As a physiotherapist, I regularly see (over) enthusiastic beginner athletes in my office. Tip: get advice and exercise following a workout scheme that you build upon.

4. What can you do to stay fit during a work trip or holiday?
I believe that you don’t need a gym full of equipment and machines to have the perfect workout. Take your trainers instead of another pair of heels and discover the city by foot or bicycle instead of taking the hop on hop off bus.

Is there a swimming pool in the hotel? Then swim a few lengths in the morning – swimming is a great workout for your whole body! Definitely take the stairs instead of the lift and if there is no-one around…do a squat on every stair! And don’t forget your core stability exercises in your hotel room. And there is probably some space in that shopper bag for a skipping rope! Get rid of the calories from that last (business) lunch!

5. What are you best motivation tips?
Dream it, believe it, achieve it. You are the only one who can set your goals-dreams and achieve them. When it comes to exercise, it is best to discuss these with your trainer. But completely go for it and never be influenced by what others say. Do things that you enjoy and make you happy!

6. Do you have any other healthy tips for us?
I think exercising, getting enough sleep and eating healthily is the healthiest lifestyle. Of course you can have a treat every now and then 😉 but you would be surprised at the results you could achieve if you cut out fizzy drinks.

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