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Did you know? Doutzen shows her two sides in new sports collection

Did you know that there is another Doutzen’s Stories sports collection that you are going to want to get your hands on?This time Doutzen is showing her two sides: modern dance and high intensity workout.Here is a sneak peel at the must-have sports collection that is available from the end of December.

The new sports collection
This new collection has theingredients for a must-have collection. Smooth fabrics, lovely lines, feminine silhouettes and a luxurious finish. The Doutzen’s Stories sports collection consists of sport bras in different levels, a variety of sports tops and leggings, oversized and cropped sweaters, long-sleeved body, hooded maxi dress and a number of sports accessories. The collection contains pink tones, aubergine, black and a print.

This sports collection is suitable for both high intensity and low intensity sports. Of course you can mix and match this collection according to your taste since the items are linked to one another. Handy! A new item that deserves some extra attention: the hooded maxi dress. Perfect for putting on after your shower at the gym – quick to put on and no hassle with tight jeans or warm jumpers.

Take a sneak peek of the photoshoot with photographer Jouke Bos.

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