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Get to know your boobies: Add these steps to your daily routine

You feel something strange in your breast. Panic! You can drive yourself around the bend just Googling the symptoms of breast cancer. But this is not always a reason for panic. The key is essentially for you to know your breasts well.

Step 1. Know your boobies
Because if you know how they feel, you’ll notice changes sooner that might be a reason to call on the doctor for advice. Daily routine update; Body lotion is not just good for your skin, but add it to your morning routine, and you’ll get to know your boobies better! It may feel a bit awkward, but concentrate when you moisturise them, so you’ll know exactly when something has changed.

Step 2: Look!
Of course, its good to feel your breasts, but don’t forget to look too! (Possible) breast cancer will be more than just a lump. It could be a strange little scab that doesn’t want to go away, a discolouration of the skin or a dimple in your breast, for instance. Ready? It may also feel a bit strange, but stand in front of the mirror and let your arms hang down besides your body. Take your time to look at your breasts. Then stretch your arms over your head and inspect your breasts again in the mirror.

Step 3: No panic
When you know your body and you detect a change, there is still no need to panic. Your breasts change constantly, so don’t get your knickers in a knot right away. Breasts can change just before your menstrual period, while breastfeeding or after your pregnancy. And don’t believe everything Google says, but be sure to consult your doctor when you’re worried.

So know your boobies, ladies!