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Become more fit at home – tips & tricks

We know that staying fit is hard enough why make it even harder by having to leave your house?! As a solution to this problem we bring to you this blog of tips for staying fit indoors. It is important to us that you are comfortable wherever you choose to get fit and not feel limited because of whatever reasons. In short if you want to become more fit and active but hate leaving the house (We know the feeling) then these are some tips for you! 😊

Little help
One tip that we have is invest in a fitness tracking watch such as a Fitbit or really any other smartwatch, they help track your activity and encourage you to continue moving throughout the day and help you track your heart rate, high activity or even your food and water intake. It helps you stay motivated or when you’re not thinking about getting steps it sends you that message that you need to get those in you remember to do it. Also, in the app you usually can find fit tips, fun challenges and workout ideas from the community.

Another tip is download different fitness apps that work for you, basically type in fitness in your app store and download which ever you want to try them out and keep the one you find works for you! What also can be done is find YouTubers that are like personal trainers but then to you in your room. Just type in YouTube search for workouts and voila. If you prefer the more old school route you can always buy fitness DVD’s.

Morning routine
Also, we recommend incorporating working out into your morning routine. We understand when you get up in the morning to start your day working out is the last thing on your mind, but it really helps to feel energized for facing the day! Start out slowly and doing a few exercises to make your body used to that much activity in the morning.

Key tip: create your own personal gym. Buy in the basics you might need such as a yoga mat some lifting weights (of different sizes) and important at least one outfit that works with every workout (check out our new HKMX collection for this!) and also try to use whatever you have even your stairs can be tool for you work outs or a little step-up you have hidden laying around in some cupboard.  You don’t need fancy equipment especially not in the beginning, don’t let the internet fool you 😊.

One important thing we want to give to you is that you have to work out for you! Do whatever you want, societies expectations of what you should look like really doesn’t matter. Everybody is perfect <3 However if you feel you want to be more active and get more fit then these tips are for you. Don’t let anyone stop you in doing what you want! Whether in the gym or at home staying fit is not linked to a place but it is to a mindset. Goodluck!