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Beauty tips to survive the winter

We’ve all been there; dry hands, static hair and chapped lips. Ouch! The seasonal irritations we all have to bear. Our tip: pamper yourself with rich creams, a lounge set from the cosy collection and a tasty treat. Read our beauty tips for surviving winter below.

As long as your hair looks good
Because of the cold weather, you keep getting static hair (annoying). Don’t wash your hair too often & use a good conditioner. Try to do without your hair straighteners and hair dryer too. Super tip: spray a little hairspray onto your brush and comb through your hair lightly.

Dry lips
Cracked and dry lips, it’s a familiar problem. Stop licking them, it’ll only make them worse. Make sure your lips stay moisturised with a good lip balm. It’s important to read the ingredients – preferably choose one containing natural oils. That way, your lips won’t get ‘addicted’ to the bad stuff and you won’t end up making them worse.

Skin like sandpaper
Does your skin feel as dry as sandpaper? Go for a richer and soft face cream in combination with a weekly face mask. And if you really want to spoil your skin, treat yourselfto a session with a good beautician and your skin will shine again!

Looking a bit pale?
In winter, you may look a bit pale. However, avoid using sun beds as they are not good for your skin. Remember not to apply your make-up too heavily and think about which colours work best with your paler skin when deciding what to wear. Or go for a tanning mousse which you apply on a weekly basis. That will do the trick!

Hand care
Want to make our hands winter-proof? Drink plenty of water and moisturise them regularly! When you go outside, make sure you wear good gloves so that the cold doesn’t get to your hands. When washing your hands, use a mild soap and dry them thoroughly afterwards.

Are you readyfor winter? Prepare yourselfby shopping the new cosy collection!