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Event report: Ambassadors try out the Doutzen sports collection

Monday 14 January was the long-awaited day. A selection of our in-house ambassadors were invited to a sporty event held at the QO Amsterdam hotel. These lovely young women who usually work in the Hunkemöller stores or at head office were treated to a delicious breakfast, a yoga workout, and a freakshake workshop. The dress code? The new DK1985 by Doutzen sports collection. If you’d like to learn more, read on.

I eat goals for breakfast
The day started with an Instagrammable breakfast served up by the staff of QO Amsterdam hotel. The meal was presented on a long table decorated with flowers and confetti. In the large, light-filled hall, the Dk1985 by Doutzen sports collection was showcased, getting everyone into the sporting spirit. After breakfast, all the ambassadors were given a gift bag with a Doutzen sports outfit. Let the workout begin!

As long as your hair looks great
To complete the sporty look, several hairdressers were on hand to braid the young ladies’ hair. Fishtail braid, Dutch braid, French braid, strand braid – you name it, the experts could create it. And with their hair out of their face, the young women were ready to work out.

Freakshake time
The first group of ambassadors was invited to start with a freakshake workshop. Carolina from @foodie_ness started with a food & health quiz, after which the ambassadors could get to work.

The crazier, the better. Marshmallows, chocolate, ice cream, sprinkles – it was a real party. The ambassador creating the best freakshake won a DK1985 by Doutzen tote bag. If you’d like to try your hand at making a freakshake too, we have a few over-the-top freakshake recipes for you. You can check them out here.

In balance with yoga
The second group started with the yoga workshop. It was a great opportunity to really relax, physically and mentally, while putting the new sports collection through its paces. The perfect combination, wouldn’t you say? The groups switched places after lunch and the day closed off with drinks.

How big is your sports collection? The DK1985 by Doutzen sports collection is a must!