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Good to know: What the colour of your lingerie says about your mood

Did you know your lingerie has a lot to say about you? Have a look inside your lingerie drawer, because besides different models, colours are just as important. The one swears by black (tempting, but also safe and always easy to combine), another goes completely overboard with prints, lace and colours. Read what the colour of your lingerie has to say about your mood right here.

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Confidence boost
Did you know a matching lingerie set can lift your mood? It is also very important for the set to fit well, and that it hugs your beautiful curves just the way it should. Nothing is more annoying than a bra that doesn’t fit, that pinches or chafes. So, invest in a good fitting session and have your measurements taken regularly. You can also try on different models so you will feel (and see) first-hand which model is best for your body.

Did you find the perfect bra? Great! Now step out of your comfort zone, and buy a set that gives you a real confident boost. Since your underwear will in principle not be seen by anyone (except your lover), it gives you a boost and may well come in very handy during your next job-interview or when you don’t really feel good.

This is what the colour of your lingerie says about your mood
Is your lingerie drawer only filled with black (lace) lingerie sets? Black is a safe choice, not only does it represent discreetness, it also adds a little touch of mystery. With black, you can do so much: think of soft basics like a t-shirt bra, your favourite push-up bra or a stretch lace bra/bralette. Black is also very much a ‘bedroom’ colour. When you’re going for intense seductive black – have you checked out our sexy private collection yet?

The Mayan bra is one of our best-sellers, and available in different colours. If you don’t have one in your closet yet – it comes highly recommended!

Red lingerie stands for attraction and passion. It also gives you more confidence, persuasiveness and energy.

White stands for elegance, purity and tranquillity. This colour is quite appropriate when you’re in a relaxed mood.

Blue lingerie is perhaps not in everyone’s closet. Blue stands for stability and tranquillity. Are you completely zen after a lovely yoga session? Then blue suits your mood the best.

Pink is a nice girly colour and perfect if you’re deliriously happy (and obviously in love). The soft and sweet colour promotes your energy balance.

So, have a look inside your lingerie drawer – do you have a lingerie set that boosts your confidence? Have a look at our new Lace Statement lingerie collection and treat yourself to a new set.