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TEST: what does your undies say about you!

You’ve seen a beautiful bra, which you really would like to get! But instead of a G-string, it comes with tanga panties… In the end, you decide to go for another set, even though you were totally in love with the bra. What does your underwear preference say about you as a person? Read here what your undies say about your character!

You love satin, lace and mesh. You’ve got guts, like to travel and are always open to new challenges! You’re a true fashionista! You are out-going and have no qualms walking up to others. Others see you as spontaneous and are sometimes a bit jealous of your radiant personality. In short, you rock every brazilian!

Does your collection consist mainly of tangas? You’re a real comfy beauty, you’re fashionable but also think it’s important that your clothes fit well and comfortably. You are confident and self-assured. You stand with both feet on the ground and know exactly what you want. If girlfriends have boy trouble, they first come to you for advice! No nonsense, isn’t that great!

Are boxers your favourite? That doesn’t mean you’re a tomboy! You just feel better in a boxer, because it makes you feel secure! You are independent and strong whether you have a man at your side or not! You have a small group of friends/girlfriends with whom you’re very close. You like to be surrounded by the people who are important to you, because then you feel totally yourself.

If you open your drawer, is it brim-full with strings, strings and more strings? Then you’re a real lady boss! You are a self-confident woman, you know what you want and therefore really go all the way! You prefer wearing g-strings, because you don’t see them under your fashionable outfit. Besides, your outfit starts with your lingerie and you like to wear beautiful lingerie under your clothes. Now just a statement lipstick on your lips and a good pair of heels, and you can face the world!

Which underwear describes you best? Or do you want to try a new model now anyway? The choice is endless! From boxer to brazilian and tanga to G-string. Time to shop!