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With these tips, you will score real musthaves on the summer sale

Shopping on sale is extra fun when you know what to be on the lookout for. Are you always coming home with bad buys (who hasn’t) or don’t you know where to start? With these tips, you will score real musthaves on the summer sale.

What sale type are you?
There are two types of sale shoppers. The first is mega greedy to have all those nice items at tiny prices, and arrives home with a size too small jeans, a fabulous glitter top, a bright pink blazer and extreme high heels. Recognise yourself? You’re a real bargain hunter and cannot resist the temptation when your favorite designer brand marks down the collection. On face value, you have scored really amazing items, but secretly, they will forever remain in the closet because they don’t fit well, or they are not quite your taste.

The second type is characterized by more focused shopping. You postpone your purchases until the sale and know exactly what you need for your next holiday, festival or to complete your wardrobe. You pop into the store beforehand to fit at a leisurely pace, and you take pictures that you could maybe discuss with your girl friends. You are not a mega fan of crowds, so you prefer shopping online. So useful!

Make a wishlist
No matter which shopper you are, it’s a great idea to make a list of what you are looking for beforehand. You can also decide on a budget so you don’t feel guilty afterwards, or you’ll at least feel less guilty. Our tip: find a partner in crime who is also super crazy about (sale) shopping, but that can give your selection a critical look-over. Consult your wishlist beforehand, so it can remind you of the items you really need. Or create a group app and send pictures of items you are unsure of. Pretty clever, right?

Be prepared for everything
Going shopping when you’re prepared is always a good idea, but during the busy sale period, it’s a must. Wear a basic bra and seamless panties (preferably skin tone) plus a basic top, so you’re prepared for any type of outfit. We also recommend you go for a comfortable look so you can fit clothes easily. Take a pair of (thicker) socks when shopping for shoes and don’t forget to take your debit card and some cash, so you are prepared for everything. Take as few things from home as possible and put all in a hip bag, so you have both hands free.

When you shop from home, we recommend you get into a comfortable lounge set, charge your laptop and crawl into your favorite spot on the couch, armed with some snacks. Ready to go!

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