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Bra Party: Pretty things come in 3s

Time to seriously update your lingerie draw! Winter woollies are being packed away and colourful tops and prints are #finally coming out again. Of course this change of wardrobe also demands a critical look at your lingerie collection. Have you got a smooth bra for under thin tops? A colourful one that puts you in a good mood however you’re feeling? A strapless bra is also indispensable if you’re a fan of the off-the-shoulder trend. What do you mean, too expensive? During Bra Party you get your 3rd bra free or the second with 50% off.

Bra Party collection
Before you run off to the store or start madly buying online (yes, there is a lot of choice), we have listed the must haves of the moment for you. Did you know you that Instagram can keep you up-to-date with new lingerie sets and feed you a daily dose of inspiration?

Do you automatically go for black? Think out of the box and surprise yourself (or your lover) with a colourful set. Did you know that colour can improve your mood? Try matching your nail varnish to your undies, too!

A smooth bra doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. Subtle lacy edging pretties it up, while the bra is still suitable as a spring must have. Already got one in the wardrobe?

A strapless bra comes in handy in the summer. It can be worn with or without straps, making it easy to combine with summer outfits. Tip: buy a bra that fits with the clasp on the loosest fitting; with wear the band will stretch slightly and the last thing you want is your strapless bra sagging.

Which items are your favourites? View the entire Bra Party collection and shop till you drop!