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The best tips for posing on a photo

Posing for a photo … It remains tricky. One is a real pro and rocks a different pose on each photo, another is still not satisfied after 50 photos. You can learn how to pose, yes, you can! With these tips you will no longer need to think twice when someone spontaneously wants to take a picture of you (but do practice first).

The basics
Everyone has a ‘good side’ where they look just a little better. Turn your face slightly to the camera on that side, this will create a clear jaw line and silhouette (that’s what we want!). No idea which side is your ‘good side’? Grab the mirror and give it a try!

Vivian obviously knows which side is her good side!

Full body pose
Is someone taking a full-length picture of you? Then it is definitely important that you know the best way to hold your body pose. If you allow your arms to hang at your sides, chances are your shoulders will also drop forward. This creates a rather insecure appearance.

You should rather push your shoulders back and place one arm (or both) in your side, for a confident pose. When you keep your feet slightly apart, you should keep the weight on your back leg, this lengthens your legs. You can also stand slightly on the toes of one foot, this looks very feminine!


Model Kim Feenstra rocks the confident and feminine pose in the Maya lingerie set.

Still doubting your skills? Do go and practice with a friend with whom you feel at ease. A confident and relaxed look appears extra pretty on a photo. It also works quite well if you take ‘spontaneous’ pictures and be sure to use props! How about your favourite drink, nice sunglasses or a hat?

Kim and Vivian are wearing the Lace Statement lingerie collection.  Too pretty to hide 😉.