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Handy: These tips will make sure your pantihose lasts longer!

Say hello to pantihose season! The season of ladders and sagging pantihose has arrived. Or not? We all want to avoid those uncomfortable situations caused by laddered pantihose, that’s why we’ve created these tips for you!

Buy one size larger!
If you have a tough time pulling your pantihose over your knees, and you don’t want to be pulling it too hard, increasing the risk of laddering, always buy your pantihose a size (and up to two sizes) larger. Then you will get your pantihose on much safer, without it sagging down over your knees because it’s too big.

Wear your underwear over your pantihose
If you wear slippery underwear under your pantihose, your pantihose will sag must faster. To avoid this, you should also wear a panty over your pantihose. Make sure your panty fits snug enough so you don’t end up with both of them sagging over your knees. With shapewear, you play safe because it always fits tight.

Hairspray for ladders
Obviously, you would prefer to avoid those endless ladders in your pantihose. You can do so by spraying hairspray over your pantihose once you are wearing it, for some extra reinforcement. Too late? This is a classic: if the ladder is not too large yet, you can paint the ends with clear nail polish to prevent them from laddering any further.

In the freezer
Where do you store your pantihose when you’re not wearing it? In the freezer! This does require a bit of planning though, but if you keep your pantihose in a plastic bag in the freezer, and you don’t forget to take them out the day before you wear them again, the material remains firmer and hopefully they won’t ladder so quickly.

With these tips, you now know exactly how to make sure your pantihose lasts longer. Be sure to check out the Hunkemöller site for high quality pantihose and shapewear.