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With these make-up tips, you will keep your look meltproof for much longer

Are you also fed up of walking out the door, perfectly happy, only to have the sweat running down your face and your hair all sticky within an hour? Just when you have an important appointment scheduled! Or how about a romantic date where you really want to make a good impression? High temperatures require a slightly different approach than just swapping your mascara for a waterproof type. With these make-up tips, you will keep your look meltproof for much longer.

Moisturise and protect
At high temperatures, you lose more moisture than usual, so make sure you keep on moisturising. Besides drinking plenty of water, it obviously also has an effect on your skin. Cleanse your skin thoroughly, morning and evening, and treat it with a moisturising cream. It is also important that you use a day cream with an SP factor to protect your skin against sun damage. If your favourite day cream doesn’t have an SP factor, you can also buy an SP fluid to apply over your day cream. This is a must, even on a slightly overcast day!

Of course, we prefer to wear the minimum make-up at these high temperatures, but a BB cream offers an alternative to a foundation. If you still prefer to use foundation, it is best to first apply a primer so your foundation will provide a better cover. Then apply a thin layer of foundation, and you can also mix a little bit with your day cream beforehand, so it looks natural.

You’re totally safe with waterproof mascara! If you don’t want to give up on your all time favourite, you can also apply a waterproof top coat. Did you know there are waterproof eye shadows too? They don’t run and form lines in creases, so handy for a party!

Yes, we love make-up fixing spray! This spray will ensure your make-up look stays in place for longer, and basically serves as a top coat for your look. You can put the spray in the refrigerator beforehand, for an extra refreshing experience.

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