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With these 10 festival tips, you can survive any situation

Whether you’re attending a festival for the first time, or you’re already an experienced Festival-goer – these 10 festival tips are useful for everyone! Be properly prepared to survive in every situation.

#1 The meeting place
Arrange with your besties on a spot at the festival site in case you lose sight of each other, and the reception is bad (or you’re dealing with a dead phone battery). It is also useful to create a group app beforehand, in which you could decide who takes what (and of course, who wears what too!).

#2 Take spare bottle caps with you
We all know they remove the bottle caps – and you would obviously like to avoid having to down half a litre all at once. Take some spare caps with you in your bag, so it’s up to you how much you want to drink.

#3 Cover up
You have probably heard of nipple covers, but do you have some lined up in your closet already? They are perfect to wear under a tank top if you prefer not to wear a bra during a festival. And they are available in different skin tones. And should some liquid spill over your top, you are totally safe! Now isn’t that nice?

#4 Dress to impress
And we mean especially yourself! You really don’t want to walk around all day in an outfit that’s too hot (read: sweaty and sticking to your body), or too tight. Choose a look in which you feel good, and in which you can dance away! We have all kinds of fun bikinis, bathing suits, tops and (bra) accessories in our festival collection, adding that extra touch to your look!


#5 Freshen up
Refreshing wipes (a must!) – when you want to refresh your armpits in-between. And how about some tissues and a disinfectant gel? Nothing can be worse than not having toilet paper when you need it.

#6 Sunscreen
Don’t forget your sunscreen! You don’t always realise just how strong the sun is, and there are other things to worry about when you attend a festival;). Try to remind yourself to apply the sunscreen again at each toilet stop, (your face at least). There are also quite handy make-up fixing sprays with a sun protection factor!

#7 Cleaning
Before going to bed, you should really try taking off your make-up. A full day of dancing, sweating and standing in the sun is definitely not ideal for your skin. Take off the worst dirt with a cleaning wipe – take along a travelling size face wash and if you still have place in your overnight bag, a hydrating sheet mask is certainly not an excess luxury;).

#8 Showering
In the morning, the queues are enormous, why not take a shower before going to bed? Avoid washing your hair. Rather use dry shampoo to freshen your hair up a bit. If you really need a refreshing moment during the day, you can also take some time and step under the shower!

#9 Clever make-up
To keep it simple – choose a day cream with a touch of colour and use your coloured lip balm as a blush too. You can dye your eyebrows and eyelashes beforehand. So, no make-up stress for you!

#10 Sleeping
An eye mask and earplugs are an absolute must! Your day is long, so a good night’s sleep (or a daytime snooze – why not) is essential for survival.

Do you have some other useful tips we should definitely not forget? Let us know in the comments under the blog!