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5x Fashionable Halloween outfits

Yay! Halloween is just around the corner, and that means you can dig your dress up clothes out of the closet again. A Halloween party is the perfect excuse to dress up extravagantly, and we love it! Have you decided what look you are going for this year? Cute, sexy or scary? All in one! We have lined up the most fashionable outfits for you!

Bad ballerina
Ballerinas are usually quite girly and cute, but nothing is quite what it seems. Combine a black tutu with our leather Mila body and sexy stockings. Or would you rather go for a cute look? Create this look in pink all over, or even more fun: you as the bad ballerina, and your best friend as the cute ballerina!

The cat look
The cat look is a classic during Halloween, and rightly so! This outfit suits almost everyone, and it’s super sexy! Combine our cat suit with a pair of ears, and don’t forget to do your make-up too. You will have a striking and sexy outfit without too much effort!

Red Devil
Who doesn’t like red? This year, dress up as a little devil in an all red outfit! Wear a red lace body with pretty red trousers. With this outfit, devil’s ears and a bright red lipstick are a must. You know for sure that you will stand out in a red outfit.

Bridesmaids squad
So you and your girlfriends want to match your outfits? Go as bridesmaids! But the scary version of course. Combine a white body or a white dress with sexy stockings and go overboard with make-up and fake blood. You add the perfect finishing touch to this outfit with our bridesmaids kimonos! No one will dare to pass you.

The netflix & chill look
Don’t you feel like going to all that bother just for an outfit? Go for the netflix & chill look Pull your pyjamas  out of the closet, take a bowl of popcorn with you, and enjoy the party.
Very simple, but quite funny. Add some lace and satin for a sexy touch!

So, what look you are going for this year? Take a look at our site, and you will get more inspiration and Halloween items. Enjoy your party and have fun!