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5 Body positive shopping tips when you are searching for a bikini

Summer is almost here (#wecantwait), but are you really ready? Have you found the perfect bikini or swimsuit yet? One in which you feel absolutely great and confident? These 5 body positive shopping tips are sure to help you choose your favourite item from our new swimwear collection.

Don’t shame yourself
If you find it difficult to actually go and fit bikinis, go and stand in front of the mirror each day for 1 week, and tell yourself what you like about yourself. Really take your time and be kind to yourself 😉. A successful fitting session starts upon entering. Self-confidence and a good mood are key!

Know your bodytype
Don’t compare yourself with photos of other women you see (online). Every body type is different, and that’s why it is not fair to compare yourself with others. You’re pretty just as you are! Know your body, do research on what suits you best and what makes you feel good about yourself. Thus, you will for example discover whether you should rather go for high waisted bikini panties, or a cheeky tanga. Or do you really rock in a high-leg swimsuit, which disguises a bit of belly but that gives you miles of legs in an instant?

Know your size
When you go and fit bikinis, it’s so much nicer if you don’t need to leave your fitting room in between to fetch different sizes. When you’re not quite sure about your size, ask a Lingerista in store to help you. She can take your measurements so you can select your bikinis based on your size. Our tip: it possible, grab two different types of panties in two different sizes. So, you’ll have plenty of options, and you can fit the panties in which you feel most comfortable.

Check out the swimwear collection online already, so you will know right away which bikinis are your style, and whether they are available in your size. Great tip: If you aren’t sure whether your must-haves are in stock at the store near you, you can always order them in advance and have them sent directly to the store.

Together = much more fun
Go shopping with your best friend/sister or mother, it is always nice to hear the opinion of someone close to you. You are often far too hard on yourself, and someone close to you can give you the best advice.

Did you know that a nice tan often does wonders for a bikini fitting session? You can also better assess the bikini’s colour when you already have a little holiday tan. We are totally taken by the Bondi Sands brand. A tanning foam you can apply easily and without lines.

With these tips, you are definitely ready for a bikini fitting session. So, you are perfectly prepared for your next summer trip! Share your bikini photo with #hunkemöller, and who knows, you will see your picture again on our Instagram feed!