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5 signs that you need a new bra

How often do you swap bras? Or perhaps you don’t? Did you know that a bra is good for an average of 8 months before it’s due for replacement? Of course, it does depend on how you treat your bras (read: washing and storage methods). Do you alternate wearing different bras, or do you have an all-time-favourite that you sneakily wear evey day? Recognise the following 5 signs? Then it really is time for a new bra! Shop now for 2 bras and get the 3rd one for free, or the 2nd bra for 50% off during our Bra Party!

Do you wear your bra on the tightest hook?
When you buy a new bra, you should always try it on with the loosest fit. This is a good idea because a bra can stretch after being worn for a longer time. So, if you hook it on the loosest position, it can always be tightened up afterwards. Are you wearing your bra at the tightest position because the elastic has failed? Then it’s time for new bra!

Underwire loose?
Is the underwire loose in your bra? Then it really is time for a new bra! A broken underwire can simply mean that the bra is worn out. Tension is exterted on a bra when worn, and when the underwire finally breaks after long use, then it’s also time for a new bra! But watch out: if this happens quickly, it could mean you are not wearing the right size. Tip: if you want your bras to last longer, wash them by hand as recommended on the label.

Bra too small
Do your breasts bulge a little over the top of your bra? This can mean the bra is too small, or the fabric is no longer firm enough. The size of your bra doesn’t change along with changes to your breasts. So always take advice from our shop staff about the best size for you. Fabric can also become less firm when you wear it a long time and wash it in the washing machine. Proper storage is also important. So never fold your bra in half! This is bad for the filling and can make it lose shape. In the ideal situation, you store your bras in a drawer where they can all lie in a row.

Does the underwire prick in your breast?
Do you suffer from an underwire pricking in your breast? The irritation is very annoying and not good for your breast. We all understand that you always have a favourite bra tucked away in the cupboard, one which you nearly always grab to wear. But your darling bra is perhaps no longer the best size for you. Your breasts change, but unfortunately your old bra does not…

Can’t the straps be tightened any more?
You can’t make the shoulder straps any tighter? This can happen due to the bra being worn for so long that the straps are possibly too stretched to be tightened enough to support your breasts. So, it is time for a new bra!

Have you now realised that your bras actually need to be replaced? Then go to your nearest Hunkemoller-shop and get measured by one of our Bra Experts! These girls know all about the various sizes and what bra is exactly right for you! And now with our Bra Party, shop for 2 bras and get the 3rd free, or the 2nd bra for 50%. The perfect chance to swap your old bras for a few pairs of true fashion statements!