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5 x beauty tips for a summer glow

Another advantage of summer: a summer glow! A natural bronzy sun-kissed look you actually would like to keep throughout the year. You can create this glow with these easy tips. Read on right now!

Removing dead skin is a must for good skin condition. Exfoliation leaves your skin soft and glowing. Because the dead skin cells are soaked off, it helps to reduce enlarged pores and impurities. But don’t do so too often, and gradually build it up to a max of 3 times a week.

Moisturise and nourish
Your skin may feel tight and dry, or you may even see a few more fine lines. Then it’s time for added moisture! Include (more) moisturising products in your daily skin care routine, and plan some weekly me-time, pampering your skin with a nourishing mask. Beauty products intended to moisturise your skin, contain substances that retain moisture, preventing moisture from evaporating from your skin. You’ll instantly notice your skin feels soft to the touch, and in time, the dryness lines will reduce.

Did you know the sun can be harmful even if it’s cloudy? That’s why it is always advisable to use a day cream with a sun protection factor. You’ll thus be safe and you will prevent premature ageing of your skin. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your arms/legs (and neck!) on sunny days too.

A little help from nature
That healthy summer glow goes hand in hand with a summer tan. We often look slimmer when tanned, and you automatically wear less foundation if your face has a healthy tan. Unfortunately, a quick tan is not in everyone’s genes, but that’s why self tanning products were developed! Tip: exfoliate your skin well beforehand, to reduce the chance of spotting.

When you want to go for a real GLOW, go for a highlighter or body bronzer with a shimmer. You can create a ‘subtle’ mix with your foundation or apply it as a highlighter over your foundation. With a strapless dress, you can add some shine on your shoulders and neck.

With these tips, are you really ready for summer! Is your bikini collection completely up to date too?