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Handy: These tips will make sure your pantihose lasts longer!

Say hello to pantihose season! The season of ladders and sagging pantihose has arrived. Or not? We all want to avoid those uncomfortable situations caused…

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Get to know your boobies: Add these steps to your daily routine

You feel something strange in your breast. Panic! You can drive yourself around the bend just Googling the symptoms of breast cancer. But this is…

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From day to night: outfit inspiration you don’t want to miss!

Yes, we can do it again! Layers, layers and layers are the ultimate motto for autumn. Who doesn’t like lovely knee-high boots, a stylish trench…

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You’ve got to have these bra styles in your collection!

Every so often you need a new bra, and you won’t score more than at the Bra Party! It’s time to have a critical look…

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