Which sportswear should you wear in which temperature?

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It sometimes can be hard to stay fit. Especially in a time where the gyms have been closed for a while. Luckily, we still can sport outside, alone or together with some friends. But what do you wear when you exercise outside? We have some useful tips so you can exercise outside in the right sportswear.

Some outside activities, like running, are suitable for all weather conditions. But a rainy or very cold day only can make it more difficult to motivate yourself. Whether you are going for a run, join a bootcamp class or anything else, the most important thing is to wear the right sportswear.

The 10-degree rule

During intensive sports, such as running, you quickly get warm. Of course, you don't want to be cold during exercise, but you certainly don't want to be too hot. That's why we use a 10-degree rule: dress as if it's 10 degrees warmer than it is. So, if it's 5 degrees outside, it feels like 15 degrees while running. The first few minutes you might think short sleeves are too cold, but trust us, you'll be happy with this halfway through your workout.

It is possible that it's 5 degrees outside but feels much cooler due to the wind. Then a temperature of 5 degrees can suddenly feel like it's freezing.